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BeachBody Hip Hop Abs® Ultimate Results
  • Модель: BeachBody Hip Hop Abs® Ultimate Results
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На этом диске представлен второй уровень – более сложный по сравнению с BeachBody  Hip Hop Abs® - Shaun T (6 Workouts Set)


* Fat Burning Cardio 2 - Advanced, high-energy moves guaranteed to shed pounds and inches! (40 minutes). This is not your mama's aerobic video. Burn calories and shed fat with fun, hip dance moves and hot music you hear on the radio.

* Ab Sculpt 2 - Revolutionary ab-sculpting moves work your entire core to give you tight, toned, sexy abs—without doing sit-ups or crunches! (35 minutes). Shaun shares more signature ab moves to get you the six-pack you've always wanted without a single sit-up or crunch.

* Total Body Burn - Level 2 - Get it all—advanced cardio, strength, and ab-sculpting moves to transform your entire body! (50 minutes). In this workout you get it all - cardio, strength, and ab sculpting with Shaun T's Hip Hop dance moves! Shaun's energy and great music will get you up and grooving while you burn fat and tighten your muscles from head to toe - all while you focus on getting the abs of your dreams!

* BONUS - Learn to Dance: Get Abs or Die Trying - Learn the coolest new moves that'll flatten your abs!


Продолжительность: 03:18:26
Язык: Английский

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